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Zhongshan’s first township talent apartment complex settles in Henglan

The first township talent apartment complex in Zhongshan, along with the talent activity center, is currently under interior modernization. The building will be placed into service in the near future, and it will provide living accommodations for the talents who work in Henglan.

A total of 60 public residences, from the 3rd to the 17th floor of Tower 1 in the Dada Residential Community in Henglan, have been renovated into the “talent apartments.” Each of the fully-furnished talent apartments has a refrigerator, air-conditioner, kitchen, TV, light-fixtures, washing machine, water heater, dining table, sofa, tea table, beds, closet, desks, and other convenient facilities.

The talent activity center, which is located on the first 2 floors of the building, is also under construction. The two-story center contains a reception area, reception hall, exhibition hall, coffee house, academic room, party member activity room, gym, reading room, and other functional areas. The center provides talents with an ideal place for business negotiations, meetings, and social activities.

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