2017 Charity Parade:the 30th Anniversary of Being together with Love and Kindness

The Charity Parade has been held for 30 years, witnessing not only the development of Zhongshan charities, but also the inheritance of the Great Man's fraternity spirit. In 2017 Charity Parade, 200 parade teams with people from all walks of life participated in the activity to display the charity and fraternity culture of Zhongshan and promote the new civilization by marching proudly. Moreover, donations of over 100 million yuan have been collected this year, reaching a historical high.

Magnificent parade phalanxes

Parade phalanxes are always the focus of Zhongshan Charity Parade. Parade phalanxes which represent people from different walks of life add color to the charity activity.

30-year Charity Parade

30 years may be a short period of time in history, but it witnesses Zhongshan citizens' devotion to charity. The Charity Parade that has been handed down for 30 years has witnessed so many touching stories. After 30 years, the Charity Parade has not only become a China Charity Award culture program, but also become an indispensable part of Zhongshan peoples' lives. It interprets the connotation of Zhongshan, a city of charity, and the morality of Zhongshan people.

Xiaolan Charity Parade raised over 70 million yuan

Xiaolan Town Charity Parade and its Jogging event has been held once a year with theme of "helping the hopeless, helpless, poor, handicapped and elderly", since 21 years ago. It has developed into a town brand. The fundraising of this year has made a big leap forward and over 70 million yuan had been raised by the nineteenth, including 54.50 million yuan from companies and citizens for Yuanlan Mountain Park project and 14.00 million yuan from Xiaolanese associations in Hong Kong and Macau.

Spring Flower Lantern Show: Visitors exceed one million

The 2017 Spring Flower Lantern Show is extraordinarily popular and has received more than one million visits. The highlights are in four aspects—the mixture of the traditional culture and local customs, the innovative lantern design telling of the administrative effectiveness and people's harmonious life, the infusion of "roster" elements into scenery design and the universal improvement of public awareness from visitors. The Show will last until February 14.