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Zhongshan releases consumer complaints data for 2018

The Zhongshan Consumer Council totally accepted 2,138 complaints of various types and retrieved a direct economic loss of 12.07 million yuan for consumers in 2018, according to the Zhongshan Consumers Association.

Product contract, quality and after-sales issues are the main causes of complaints. Data shows that among all the complaints, the contract cases accounted for 25.54%, the quality cases accounted for 24.46%, and the after-sales service cases accounted for 15.01%. The above three caused more than 65% of the total complaints.

In 2018, the Zhongshan Consumer Council accepted 1,409 commodity complaints. Among them, 571 cases were related to household electrical appliances, which accounted for 40.53% of the total commodity complaint and ranked first. The number of complaints related to household goods and construction materials ranked second and third respectively.

There were 619 complaints about services, of which 205 were relevant to life and social services, accounting for 33.12% of the total and ranking first in service complaints. Complaints in telecommunications services and sales services ranked second and third respectively.

The consumers association also announced the top 10 consumer right infringement cases in Zhongshan last year, aiming to remind citizens of rational consumption and legitimate rights protection.

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