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City's first all-for-one tourism traffic plan announced

Zhongshan's first all-for-one tourism transportation plan, Tourism Transportation Planning of Zhongshan, was officially announced.

According to the Plan, an urban fast tourism channel of "two ring roads and twelve fast traffic lanes" will be built. These expressways will connect scenic spots rated as AAAA level and above, including the Tourism Area of Sun Yat-sen's Hometown, Zhongshan Zhan's Garden, Rosewood Culture Expo City, and Huayi Plaza. Regarding the tourism channel, the First Ring Road will be comprised of Changjiang Road, Bo'ai Road, G105, and North Outer Ring Road. The Second Ring Road will be comprised of Yixian Road, South Outer Ring Road, West Second Ring Road, and Shagang Highway.

The twelve express lanes include Guzhen Expressway, G105 North Line, Huangpu Expressway, Sanjiao Expressway, Minzhong Expressway, Torch Expressway, Cuiheng Expressway, Nanlang Expressway, Tanzhou Expressway, G105 South Line, Dachong Expressway and Henglan Expressway.

Additionally, the Zhongshan Station railway hub, Tourism Area of Sun Yat-sen's Hometown, Huayi Plaza and the Terminal of the West District have been planned as tourist distribution centers. Zhongshan's scenic spots rated as AAA level and above and comprehensive transportation hubs will be covered with travel advisory service centers.

The Plan also requires to improve the layout of auxiliary facilities for tourism transportation. Based on the existing Greenway Line 1 and Line 4 in the Pearl River Delta Region, Zhongshan plans 5 more urban greenways along the waters of Shiqi River, Xiaolan Waterway, and Jiya Waterway to create a leisure waterfront corridor. In addition, 3 tourist scenic byways and 7 caravan camps have been planned to enrich Zhongshan tourism.

5 urban greenways

Xiaolan Chrysanthemum Garden - Hengmen Mountain

Zhongshan Port Bridge - Doumen Bridge

Border with Jiangmen - Doumen Bridge

Lighting Museum – Xiaolan Waterway Super Bridge

Round the Wugui Mountain Greenway

3 tourist scenic byways

Xijiang Scenic Byway: Connecting Star Alliance, Huayi Plaza, Lihe Plaza, Zhuoqi Mountain and Space Park.

Round Wugui Mountain Scenic Byway: Connecting key scenic spots such as Tourism Area of Sun Yat-sen's Hometown, Yarra Family Kingdom, Zhan's Garden and Jinzhong Lake Park.

Waterfront scenic byway: Connecting Zhongshan Hot Spring Resort, Yakou Wetland Park, Dajian Mountain and Chubang Soy Sauce Museum.

7 caravan camps

Located in the tourist scenic resort areas. Four of them are arranged in Zhongshan National Forest Park, Tianxin Park, Zhongshan Zhan's Garden, and Tourism Area of Sun Yat-sen's Hometown. One is situated in Zhuoqi Mountain, and two are nestled in Zhongshan Hot Spring Resort and Dajian Mountain Peak.

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