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Zhongshan plans to add 285 'three old' transformation projects

The supplementary projects for the "Zhongshan Special Planning on 'Three Old' Transformation (Urban Renewal) 2017-2020" are currently undergoing public notification.

The Special Plan combines the urban upgrading management and control elements, potential updated resources, and the functions of districts and towns in the general planning to determine the urban renewal planning guidelines for each district and town.

According to the guidelines, in the central city, given the TOD (transit-oriented development) of railway stations and the protection of historic sites, the areas in Qijiang New Town, along the Qijiang River banks and Zhongshan-Kaiping Expressway will be renovated. Triggered by urban renewal, the priority is to expand regional comprehensive services to upgrade industrial structures. The central city will undertake and enhance regional comprehensive services, thereby improving the tertiary industry and support facilities.

For the areas with a long history and rich culture, the desire is to maintain their original characteristics. The new construction within the historic areas must follow the requirements of conservation planning for historic cities.

The renewal of Wuguishan District requires more efforts to protect ecological environment. The development of eco-tourism and education industries are key tasks in this endeavor.

The remaining towns and districts also have various kinds of renewal based on their own industrial characteristics and development status. For example, Tsuihang New District will focus on updating its existing old villages, improve the environment to create a livable place, perfect auxiliary facilities, and boost the quality of the area.

The Special Plan supplemented 285 new "three old" (old towns, old factories and old villages) transformation projects, with a land area of about 7.46 square kilometers.

The central city serves as the urban comprehensive service center, performing administrative, trading, commercial, and residential functions. Moreover, it is also the business center, administrative center, historical and cultural center, and tourism service center of Zhongshan. This updated area covers 1391.66 hectares in total, including 106.83 hectares of old towns, 7.04 hectares of old villages, and 1277.79 hectares of old factories.

The planning for the urban renewal area or for "three old transformation units will prioritize the facilities that are in short supply in the central city, including primary schools, hospitals and community-based health service stations.

It is also known that the Plan specifies two supervision units to give priority to primary schools and hospitals. Of them, the supervision unit of Yuanfeng Mountain is to focus on the land allocation for primary schools, and the supervision unit of Qijiang New Town is to focus on the land allocation for hospitals.

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