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Zhongshan Finance Bureau

Address: No. 63, Xingzhong Road, Zhongshan, PC 528400
Office hours: Monday -Friday, 8:30 a.m.-12:00 a.m./ 2:30 p.m.-5:30 p.m.
Tel: (0760)88266118
Fax: (0760)88266111
Supervisory: (0760)88266140

Main Responsibilities of Zhongshan Finance Bureau:

1. To implement relevant laws, regulations, rules, guidelines and policies concerning finance and taxation formulated by the by the Central and Provincial governments; To organize the formulation and supervise the implementation of local regulations and rules on finance, non-operating state-owned assets management, assets appraisal and financial accounting, etc..
2. To draft financial development strategy and medium and long-term financial plans, and participate in the formulation of policies on economic regulation; to implement the policy on distribution between the Central and local governments and between the State and the enterprises; to put forward proposals on regulating economic operations and balancing the allocation of financial resources of the city through the implementation of finance and taxation policies.
3. To draft annual budget and end-of-the-year final accounts of the city and organize their implementation; Entrusted by the Municipal People's Government to present reports to Zhongshan People's Congress on the annual budget and its implementation of the municipal level and the whole city and to the Standing Committee of Zhongshan People's Congress on the final accounts.
4. To draft plans on finance and budgetary revenues; to administer and supervise all fiscal revenues; to be responsible for the collection and management of special agricultural tax, cultivated land occupation tax and deed tax.
5. To administer and monitor all financial expenditures; to manage the special off-budget financial account at the municipal level and various government funds; to administer and supervise the issurance of lottery tickets and the lottery market; to manage government debts and loans, financial bills and non-trade foreign exchange of administrative departments, organizations and societies, institutions and social organizations within the financial budget.
6. To formulate and implement the unified standards of the city on expenditures of governmental departments and public institutions, and the policies and systems of government procurement; to establish and implement the unified treasury collection and payment system; to manage the expenditures of social security from the public finance of municipal level; to organize the finance supervision over the utilization of social security funds; to carry out financial systems for social security funds, basic construction and foreign related enterprises.
7. To formulate regulations on the management of property rights of non-operational state-owned assets; to supervise non-operational state-owned assets; to formulate the evaluation indicator system and evaluation standards of the performance of financial expenditure; to carry out performance evaluation of financial expenditure; to analyze and evaluate the statistics of public resources; to organize the collection and analysis of the final accounting statements of enterprises, government agencies, public institutions, etc.
8. To participate in the overall studies on the arrangement of projects invested by financial funds; to organize and control the financial capital construction fund; to take part in the examination of the budget of projects invested by financial funds; to examine the settlement accounts of the projects invested by financial funds; to check the final accounts of the completed basic construction projects and participate in the acceptance of them; to draft and supervise the implementation of the government procurement policies; to guide the work of government procurement and the statistical work of it; to participate in the cost management of projects; to work with relevant departments to formulate the management rules and regulations on those financial executives who are sent to the major projects invested by municipal financial funds and major administrative public institutions; to take a lead in dealing with the work of sending financial executives to major administrative public institutions.
9. To implement laws and regulations of accounting; to manage and supervise the work of the certified public accountants (CPA) and accounting firms in Zhongshan in accordance with laws; to manage and guide social auditing.
10. To manage the assets valuation industry; to guide and supervise the business of the evaluation organizations and certified public valuers (CPV); to verify the establishment of assets valuation projects concerning rights and interests of the state-owned and collective property rights.
11. To supervise the implementation of principles, laws and regulations of finance and taxation and the implementation of finance and accounting system; to inspect and report major problems in the management of fiscal revenues and expenditures; to propose suggestions on strengthening fiscal management.
12. To formulate financial education plans; to organize trainings for financial staff and the releasing of financial information.
13. To formulate the financial management system and rules for the management of financial budget for towns or districts; to supervise and guide the financial work in towns and districts.
14. To undertake other tasks assigned by higher authorities.

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