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Zhongshan Economy and Trade Bureau

Add: 4th Floor, Office Building of the Municipal Government, No. 1, Songyuan Road, Zhongshan, China, PC 528403
Office hours: Monday -Friday, 8:30 a.m.-12:00 a.m./ 2:30 p.m.-5:30 p.m..
Tel: (0760)88315312
Fax: (0760)88328256

Main Functions:
1. To implement the guidelines and policies on national economic operation stipulated by the State and Guangdong Province; to draw up and organize the implementation of the comprehensive economic policies and normative documents on industry and commerce of Zhongshan and be responsible for supervision and inspection; to collect and sort out information and data of industrial, commercial and other economic operation; to monitor and analyze the trend of national economic operation and regulate their daily operations; to work out the short-term regulatory objectives for economic operation and organize their implementation; to coordinate different parties to address major problems concerning economic operation and make correlative proposals and suggestions; to analyze and publish relevant economic information.
2. To organize the stipulation and implementation of local industrial policies and supervise their implementation; to guide the overall adjustment of industrial structure and put forward adjustment plans on key industries and products; to compile and publish industrial and commercial investment guide and reference; to communicate with intermediary organizations in industrial and commercial sectors and direct their reform and readjustment.
3. To manage such industries as electricity, medicine, light industry, textile, petrochemical, building materials, electronics, machinery and commodities (including catering services, special merchandise, the auction industry, pawn broking, pig slaughter industry); to draw out development plans and regulations for various industries and policies for economy and technology and see to their implementation; to study and plan the investment layout for competitive industries and regularly publish investment directory for those sectors.
4. To work out reforming programs of the circulation system and direct the implementation; to monitor, analyze and organize the adjustment and regulation of market operation and supply and demand of important commodities; to draw up and implement import and export plans of staple and crucial industrial products and raw materials critical to the national economy and the people’s livelihood; to coordinate matters of cocoon and silk; to coordinate the work of Administration of Industry and Commerce and that of Quality & Technology Supervision Bureau.
5. To be responsible for the macro management and guidance over enterprises of various ownerships and regulate the rules of their conduct; to see to the reform and development of state-owned and collectively-owned enterprises and promote the establishment of modern corporate system; to study and draw up policies and measures concerning large-scaled enterprises and conglomerates; to participate in the guidance for enterprise finance; to guide state-owned and collectively-owned enterprises in their governance, turnaround and burden-relieving; to organize and administrate the intra-corporate counselor work; and to guide training of executives of the enterprises.
6. To work out programs of technological progress for enterprises in Zhongshan; to examine and approve special programs of technical innovation and managing these funds according to related regulations; to guide the technical progress and innovation, introduction and application in enterprises and direct the localization of key equipment as well as the research and development of key technology and equipment; to supervise and inspect municipal technical innovation of important enterprises.
7. To guide the enterprises in the management of energy, science and technology and equipment; to organize and coordinate all the industrial enterprises in the work of environmental protection and the development of environmental protection industry; to guide the production and quality management of industrial and commercial enterprises.
8. To be responsible for the informatization of national economy and various social causes; to draw out and organize the implementation of the development plan for the industries of electronic & information manufacturing, information service, software & system integration and information resources, and guide those industries; to coordinate the network construction of information transmission among municipal departments; to direct enterprises to advance the municipal key informatization projects and promote the education on informatization; to be responsible for communicating with the authority administrating electronic and information industry.
9. To work out the work safety plans for the whole city and administrate work safety of various industries in a comprehensive manner; to perform its administrative function in work safety supervision in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations; to be responsible for monitoring major hazard installations and supervising the elimination of major perils of safety accidents; to check up organizations and individuals’ offences against work safety laws, regulations, rules and standards; to coordinate the handling of major safety accidents.
10. To direct and coordinate the work of economic and trade administrative sections in all the townships and districts of Zhongshan City.
11. To undertake other tasks assigned by the departments of higher levels.

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