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City's first 5G-based police affair program launched


Around 4 pm on September 9, a UAV that landed on the roof of the 15th floor of the Zhongshan Public Security Bureau flew to Lihe Plaza for a video patrol, which followed the planned route set by the command centre after pushing the "start" button. Clear images were sent back to the command centre in real time, giving a panoramic view of the security situation in the vicinity of Lihe Plaza. [Photo by Miao Xiaojian]

On the same day, the Zhongshan Public Security Bureau held a press conference, announcing Zhongshan's official launch of the first 5G-based police affair program of its police-enterprise joint innovation centre.

At the beginning of 2019, the Zhongshan Public Security Bureau relied on the police-enterprise joint innovation centre and cooperated with China Telecom, Huawei, Hikvision among others to actively explore the integration of the new 5G features into public security affair applications, so as to enhance the three-dimensional public security prevention and control capacity of the bureau.

The press conference demonstrated the use of large bandwidth, low delay, and high reliability features of 5G technology in practical police work, in a bid to improve police work efficiency, optimize the police work process and other scenarios. The combination of 5G and AR technology is demonstrated on site by sending ultra-high-definition images captured by the police robots on Lihe Plaza, UAVs, police smart helmets and other AR front-end devices back to the conference site.

The operators say that with the advantages of 5G technology, UAVs can not only plan routed cruises, but also perform tasks such as video tracking.

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