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Shiqi District
Address: No. 18 Kanghua Road, Shiqi District, Zhongshan
Post Code: 528400
Tel: 23328546

Shiqi District, located in the center of the city, covering an area of 49.72 square kilometers, it administers 19 neighborhood committees and is the most prosperous center for commerce and culture. By the end of 2006, statistics show that it has a permanent population of 169,400 and 40,900 migrants.
Over the years Zhongshan has stuck to the theme of balanced development and it has made great efforts to promote social progress and establish a harmonious district with pleasant environment for both living and business. It aims to strengthen the tertiary industry, attract more foreign and private investment and promote science and technology innovation, so as to create a better growth for the district.
Shiqi district is proud to have a national-level private enterprise industrial park—Guangdong Zhongshan Industrial Park. Besides, up to 20 commercial networks, such as major marketplaces, logistic centers, shopping malls are located within the district. There are 11767 enterprises in the district, according to statistics of 2006.

In recent years, Shiqi District has expanded the construction in Kanghua Road, Dongming Road North, Qiwan Road and Qigang Road, ect. Such constructions have brought much convenience to intra-district transportation and shortened the time to five minutes to access Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway and Zhongshan-Jiangmen Expressway. Shiqi District has completed the renovation project along Qijiang River by building a 2.5 km- cultural corridor on both sides. Shiqi District has invested large quantity of resources to enhance social environment and contributed evidently to Zhongshan's honor as National Civilized City. Shiqi District has invested hundreds of millions yuan to program its northern area, where Guangdong Zhongshan Industrial Park is located. After the light rail is open, the northern area of the district will have a more prominent status for commercial and trade development.
Shiqi District is a paradise for investors from both home and abroad in term of local advantages with a long history, rich culture, advanced regional environment, beautiful surrounding environment and excellent communication devices and entertainment facilities as well as financial and insurance agencies, post service, hospitals, schools and hotels.

Positioning as Leisure Commercial Center and Cultural Exhibition Center

Chen Genkai, Party Secretary of Zhongshan gave instructions to Shiqi District and pointed out that it shall develop an urban economy. To follow up, Shiqi District made intensive research into its development strategies and pros and cons of an urban economy. Thorough analysis of urban economy has been made and the development framework has emerged.
In its analysis, to develop urban economy, its strengths lie in: First, the sound economic environment in both Zhongshan and China; Second, Shiqi District has unique commercial culture and development conditions; Third, it is connected with convenient transportation. And there's weaknesses: the trend of down-slide of economic centers makes it impossible for Shiqi District to remain as the economic center of the whole city; the eastward movement of administrative departments has changed Shiqi's position as the political center; the eastward movement of cultural facilities and institutions has weakened Shiqi's cultural status as the cultural center; more competitors have fragmentized the resources of Shiqi as the commercial center.
Meanwhile, the analysis repositioned Shiqi District as Recreational Business District (RBD) and Cultural Exhibition Center (CEC). RBD aims to build the district into a center facilitating leisure, recreation, sightseeing and shopping activities for both local citizens and tourists, integrating business services, recreation and cultural tourism, on the base of a commercial center; CEC is to further promote Zhongshan culture, especially the essence of Shiqi culture and contribute to a culturally advanced Zhongshan, by making use of historical treasures and resources.

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