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Wuguishan District

Address: Wuguishan District Government, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province
Tel: 0760-88201338

Wuguishan District of Zhongshan City, derives its name from its location amongst Wugui Mountain ranges. Situated in the southern part of Zhongshan, it borders with Zhongshan urban district to the north, Sanxiang Town to the south, Nanlang Town of Zhongshan and JinDing Town of Zhuhai to the east, and Banfu Town to the southwest. With an area of 113 square kilometers, the District has 7,400 permanent residents and more than 20,000 migrants, excluding college teachers and students working and studying in the district. The district has a complete network of transportation, including the Chenggui Highway that connects Zhongshan and Zhuhai, Mashi Road connecting State Highway 105 and Chenggui Highway, Cuishan Road connecting Cuiheng (Former residence of Dr. Sun Yat-sen) and Chenggui Highway. In the district, more than 70 percent are the mountainous area, which is a generous gift from the Nature and endows the city gorgeous natural environment.

According to the historical records of Shaqiu Ancient Ruins discovered in Longtang in 1986, the history of Wuguishan District can be traced back to the Neolithic Age 5,000 years ago, when our ancestors lived on the then islands surrounded by sea. Wuguishan District is thus the place with earliest evidence of human activities in Zhongshan. As Xiangshan County Chronicle records, Wugui Mountain has five peaks where osmanthus flourishes, thus the mountain is called Wugui Mountain, literally means "five osmanthus mountain". The name of Xiangshan County, which Zhongshan City was called, also derives from Wugui Mountain, in that Xiangshan means "fragrant mountain", which well corresponds with the osmanthus fragrance of Wugui Mountain.

Wuguishan District is an old revolutionary base with glorious history. During the Anti-Japanese War and the War of China's Liberation, it was the revolutionary base of the Chinese Communist Party. In January, 1945, the Pearl River Column of Anti-Japanese Guerrilla Units was founded in Wuguishan District, with its headquarters in Gu's Ancestral Temple of Binlang Village in the district. In 1983, it was reformed as Wuguishan District Department, and in 1986, as Wugui Mountain Town. In 2005, Zhongshan Municipal Government set up the Wugui Mountain Natural Reserve. Then Wugui Mountain Town was reformed again as the Wugui Office of Zhongshan Municipal Government, and that turn over a new page in Wugui Mountain's development.

Since the founding of Wugui Mountain Natural Reserve, Wuguishan District has achieved both the environmental and economic benefits. In 2007, the gross domestic product of the District was RMB 950 million Yuan, up 13%. The gross output value of industry and agriculture reached over RMB 3.3 billion Yuan, up 18%; among which, the value of gross industrial output were RMB 3.2 billion Yuan, up 18%. Total tax revenue up to RMB 200 million Yuan, up 41%. Export value reached USD 250 million dollars, up 40%. The investment in the fixed assets reached over RMB 280 million Yuan, with an increase of 17.2%. The farmers' annual net income reached RMB 8,580 Yuan, with a growth rate of 9%, which witnessed a big improvement of people's living standard.

Wuguishan District has its great advantageous conditions for development. It is adjacent to the urban areas of Zhongshan City, and also possesses charming scenery of Wugui Mountain Natural Reserve. Besides, the whole district provides "One-stop" services, making investment easier for all investors. Wuguishan District sincerely welcomes insightful businessmen and talents to set up business on this fertile land and join hands to create a better future.

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