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West District


West District is the west gate of Zhongshan with an area of 26.7 square kilometers and a population of 60,000. There are 9 resident-communities under its administration. This district is famous for its profound business cultures. In the early 1980's, it was an important commercial distributing center in Zhongshan. The west coast of Qijiang River is bustled with heavy traffic, pedestrians and shuttling wheels. With 20 years of development, Fuhua business community, with well-rounded infrastructure facilities in cultural education, medical service and tourism, has sprung up as a shinning pearl along the riverside of Qijiang River. Commerce is flourishing with all kinds of business and amusement areas such as shopping center, theme park, body-building squares. Fuhua business community enjoys convenient transportation and communication systems, such as 105 National Highway, Guangzhu Highway, Zhongjiang Highway, Northern Ring Road, Boai Road, Fuhua Avenue, Zhongshan Road. The services of local government are noted for high reputation of efficiency. This area has a broad space for entrepreneurs to start their own business and it is the first choice of merchants from home and abroad to conduct the property investment.

In 2006, West District ranked 87th among 1000 strong economic towns published by the second National Development Forum for Strong Economic Towns. This district has successfully established itself as the strong economic center which is suitable for both living and career. It has owned several featured industries such as commerce and culture industry mix in the west zone, free trade and wholesale of industrial products, agricultural products and by-products, automobile industry mix in Shalang zone. West District adopts the policy of scientific development and implements 11th Five-year Plan under the strategies of "Two Suitables" and "Upgrading and Accelerating" so as to upgrade the level of developing characterized economy, bring about rapid and healthy growth of economy and create innovative West District. “Upgrading” strategy means that the pattern of economic growth should be transformed so as to improve the quality and effectiveness of economic development. By the way of enhancing the self-renovation ability of enterprises and increasing the added-value of products by scientific innovation, the production efficiency will be improved. We will continue to implement the brand strategy by encouraging enterprises to create their provincial famous trademarks, national well-known trademarks and national and provincial high quality well-known products so as to drive the development of advantaged industries by famous brand products and further optimize the industrial structure. "Accelerating" strategy refers to accelerating development, leading development, and coordinating development based on sound quality of products. We shall insist the strategy of simultaneously developing industry and commerce in a coordinated way. The west zone should give prominence to commerce and Shalang zone should develop both industry and commerce. We shall have scientific planning and reasonable blueprint for the large-scale construction of West District so that we can build up harmonious business environment to create new economic growth and upgrade the ability of sustainable development. We are catching the historical opportunities to rebuild Fuhua Business Community. We should rigorously develop the tertiary industry that supporting the second industry and the tertiary industry with local characteristics. We should promote the development of traditional tertiary industries such as commercial and trade circulation, transportation, accommodation and catering industry, real estate industry and so on. We should strengthen and expand seven markets, such as wholesaling of vegetables and non-staple foods, auto trade, exchanges of second-hand stuff, computer accessories, wholesaling of clothing and logistics etc. At the same time, we should futher efforts to attract investors by taking advantages of the development of the West District Square so as to promote the development of auto, accommodation, health and sports, education, culture and communication. All the departments of the government shall do their outmost to serve the investors and build up healthy and favorable environment for business and investment so as to assure all the enterprises in West District of generous profits in return of their investment activities. We warmly invite all friends from home and abroad to invest in West District and share the profits of our economic development.

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