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Shenwan Town strives to build an ecological leisure town in the south of Zhongshan

Shenwan Town will spare no efforts to promote three tourism projects: Shengshi Yacht Club (under construction), China (Zhongshan) Space Sports Tourism Theme Park (decided) and large Farmhouse Theme Recreation Area (under planning), and build an ecological recreation town in the south of Zhongshan.

As a natural livable town, Shenwan is located at West River estuary. Mountain, water and plain each cover one third of the land. In recent years, it has made outstanding progress in industry, agriculture and tertiary industry. In CPC Shenwan Town Committee General Secretary’s opinion, Shenwan Town will focus on the plan of “port town" and "leisure city" and develop shipbuilding and tourism.

As is told, Shenwan Town will concentrate on above three major tourism projects to attract visitors from the Pearl River Delta and even Hong Kong and Macao.

Shengshi Yacht Club, located along West River Waterway is under construction and covers 1200 mu with 300 mu built at the first-phase project. It is planed that over 450 yacht berths will be built, equipped with a large comprehensive project including hotel, supplying, driving training, etc. Its goal is to build the largest yacht club in China, which will change Zhongshan’s history of no coastal tourism. In addition, China (Zhongshan) Space Sports Tourism Theme Park, China’s first participation aerospace tourism project with 3.6 billion yuan investment in total is also officially decided to locate in Shenwan. The theme park will be built based on the natural landscape and resources. It is an international sports scenic area, equipped with aerospace theme square, royal polo Club, green camp, health resorts and wine estate. The tourism project not only follows Shenwan Town’s development plan, direction and advantages, but also first starts aerospace tourism, which will be a highlight point to attract visitors.

In the near future, Shengshi Yacht Club is positioned as a tourism project to attract high-end visitors in the Pear River Delta Region. China (Zhongshan) Space Sports Tourism Theme Park is defined as a middle-end tourism project to attract more visitors in a larger scale, with its goal to attract 1 million visitors each year to tour two days and one night. In addition, Shenwan Town plans to develop some man-made beaches and large farmhouse theme recreation areas for the low-end visitors. Shenwan Town will wear a new look of strong industry, stable agriculture, prosperous tourism and active logistics.

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