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Minzhong Town promotes its unique rural tourism

Minzhong Town takes better advantage of its river network to develop unique water programs

Many urban dwellers' yearn for riding a bicycle to enjoy idyllic scenery will soon be realized in Yu'an Family of Minzhong Town. Yu'an Family will develop its tourism projects in three phases. The first stage expected to open for the public this year will include boating, fishing, seafood purchasing, farming skills demonstration, riverside cycling and river-bank beer bars.

Minzhong Town strives to build itself into an idyllic resort by maintaining the industry-free and zero-pollution environment, and making full use of its river network in Yu'an Village. Minzhong Town has been honored as “Tourism Town of Zhongshan”, and Xinlun and Yu'an Villages “Tourism Village of Zhongshan”. Xinlun Village even won the title of “The Most Beautiful Village in Guangdong province”.

Minzhong will maintain and utilize the original eco-environmental and agricultural resources, developing sustainably without ruining the environment and resources.

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