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Centennial Street continues its prosperity

Sunwen Road, built in 1921 and the earliest street in Shiqi downtown, consists of eight streets, namely Guanlan Street, Qiyang Lane, Huaide Lane, Wufeng Lane, Yongning Lane, Dade Street, Wenji Street and Changfeng Street. It was renamed as Sunwen Road in memorial of Mr. Sun Yet-sen in 1952, whose western section was called Sunwen Xi Road.

According to historical documents, Sunwen Xi Road was called Yingen Street in the past. It is about 800 years since it began to develop from Sui and Tang Dynasty. It is renamed as Sunwen Road in memorial of Dr. Sun Yet-sen in 1925, when Dr. Sun Yet-sen passed away. It is a cultural mark that sees the tremendous changes of the Chinese nation and records a non-buried history of commercial evolution.

Sunwen Xi Road remains its traditional style of construction and street layout after the renovation and it becomes a cultural pedestrian street for tourism and shopping. It is refreshed in pink and beige and equipped with benches on both sides of the street. Besides, the rickshaw bronze statue, relievo and rickshaw bring endless imagination to history. Moreover, modern shops like boutiques, souvenir shops, jewelry stores and McDonald's, open business and make this street turn on a new look. The integration of the traditional and modern styles brings modern cultural taste to this centennial street.

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