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The New Town of Qijiang River will rise at the Central Zhongshan

 According to Zhongshan Municipal Short-term Construction Plan (2011-2015) published on the Municipal Urban and Rural Planning Bureau website, Zhongshan will follow the demand of “ideal city” and focus on the main city as well as three sub-center areas, New Cuiheng and city rail station surroundings. There are 315 major short-term projects with investment of 119.6 billion yuan. 132 projects will be started with the estimated investment of 44.2 billion yuan from 2011 to 2012.

The Plan is valid from 2011 to 2015 and it covers two levels. One is Zhongshan administrative area of 1,976.14 square kilometers with 1,800.14 land; the other is Central Zhongshan of 760.62 square kilometers, including Western District, Southern District, Shiqi District, Eastern District, Torch Development Zone, Wuguishan, Shaxi Town, Dacong Town, Gangkou Town and Nanlant Town.

The ideal of Zhongshan is providing people a happy, harmonious, beautiful and cultural city, which is suitable for business, innovation and living.

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