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Zhongshan Station to open high-speed trains to Zhanjiang

Starting from October 11, the railway department will open additional high-speed trains that will serve daily commuters traveling from Zhuhai Station to Zhanjiang West Station. The new high-speed trains include train D7128 "from Zhanjiang West to Zhuhai" and train D7126 "from Zhuhai to Zhanjiang West," both of which will stop at Zhongshan Station.

As can be seen from the updated train schedule, train D7126 departs from Zhuhai Station at 8:25 and arrives at Zhanjiang West Station at 12:46 via Zhongshan, Guangzhou South, Xinhui, Kaiping South, Yangjiang, Mata, Dianbai and Maoming stations. The entire journey takes 4 hours and 21 minutes. Business class ticket price will be 723 yuan, and first class and second class will be 372 yuan and 243 yuan respectively.

Train D7128 departs from Zhanjiang West Station at 16:36 and arrives at Zhuhai Station at 20:43 via Maoming, Yangjiang, Enping, Xinhui, Guangzhou South and Zhongshan stations. The whole journey takes 4 hours and 7 minutes.

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