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First online hearing for lawmaking in Zhongshan

The online hearing on the "Zhongshan Regulations on the Hosting Service for Juveniles (Revised Draft)" officially began on August 18. The detailed written views and suggestions of 15 representatives of the hearing on after-school hosting services will be published on from August 18 to August 24. Consequently, citizens can browse websites, leave messages and express their support or objection.

It is the first time Zhongshan has held an online hearing on lawmaking after obtaining local legislative power. The Regulations are expected to become the first local regulations in Guangdong Province centered on hosting services for juveniles.

The 15 representatives of the hearing, including parents, teachers, school representatives, training institution representatives and CPPCC members, were elected by the Standing Committee office of the Zhongshan Municipal People's Congress by means of open solicitation and invitation.

Lawyer Lin Lifen, one of the hearing representatives and CPPCC member, believed that Zhongshan's first attempt to adopt the form of online hearing was very novel. "The Zhongshan Municipal People's Congress is brave to innovate and captures the hot issues of the greatest concern to citizens. This issue involves most families and multiple stakeholders. More voices can be heard for improving the legislation."

Entries to the legislative hearing were also set in the official WeChat accounts of "Zhongshan People's Congress", "Zhongshan Daily" and "" in addition to a webpage on

The head of the Legislative Affairs Commission of the Standing Committee of the Zhongshan Municipal People's Congress said that the regulations involved the interests of many citizens, and the online hearing would not be limited by time, place, and number of people participating. More people shall be allowed to take part in the discussion and express their opinions.

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