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Zhongshan plans to enact laws on domestic garbage sorting

At present, Zhongshan is soliciting opinions on the proposed projects of local laws and regulations and planned projects of regulations in 2020. Among others, the "Zhongshan Domestic Garbage Sorting Management Measures" will be submitted to the municipal government for deliberation by the end of August 2020.

Zhongshan's proposed project for local laws and regulations next year is the "Zhongshan Regulations on Property Management", which is to be submitted to the municipal government for deliberation by the end of October 2020. The regulations aim to solve the disputes frequently arising from the establishment of the owners' meeting, election of the owners' committee and its daily operation. The regulations also aim to comprehensively regulate the owners' committee, early-stage property management and property service quality as well as improve the legal basis for the mediation of property management disputes.

The municipal government plans to enact the "Zhongshan Domestic Garbage Sorting Management Measures" in 2020. Previously, in 2017 Zhongshan has formulated the "Implementation Measures of Zhongshan City to Promote Mandatory Classification of Domestic Waste". The new management measures have, on the basis of the upper law, and with reference to the practices of neighboring cities, clearly specify the source reduction of domestic waste related to the classification requirements, the collection, transport and handling of domestic waste, as well as the responsibilities of each department.

Among Zhongshan's legislative investigation projects for 2020, there are two projects involving waste disposal, namely, the Regulations of Zhongshan on the Prevention and Control of Environmental Pollution by Solid Waste, and the Measures of Zhongshan to Manage Food Residue. The former will be investigated by the Zhongshan Bureau of Ecology and Environment and the latter by the Zhongshan Urban Management and Law Enforcement.

In addition, the Zhongshan Water Authority plans to carry out a survey of the legislation on Zhongshan River Management Measures in 2020, and the legislation will be given priority too for deliberation in the coming year.

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